Thicketty Mountain Farms, LLC is a small, diverse, family farm owned and operated by Brent Belue and Sallie Hambright-Belue.  We currently offer free-range eggs, pastured chickens, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  In the next year, we plan to add goat milk soap, raw goat milk, and grass-fed beef.  We are committed to producing fresh, local, healthy, and sustainable food for your family and ours.  You can purchase our products directly off the farm or at several Upstate farmer’s markets.  We will be at the Greenville Whole Foods Market on Tuesdays between 10 and 2 starting May 1.  We will also be at the Spartanburg Hub City Market on Saturdays starting in mid-May.

The farm got its name because Thicketty Mountain is what they each looked at from their front porches – Brent’s porch in Cowpens, SC and Sallie’s porch in Gaffney, SC – that is until they got married last August.  They now , both, look at Thicketty Mountain from Cowpens, SC

Sallie and Brent are both from farming families. Sallie’s grandfather, Charles Copeland, operated Old Post Road Farm in Gaffney which was SC Farm Family of the year in the 1970’s. Her other grandfather, Joe Hambright, and dad, Mike Hambright, ran a small farm in the Antioch community just outside Blacksburg. Brent’s family is also grounded in agriculture. His family ran Cash farms in Cowpens, and Brent worked in the peach shed for thirteen years. His father, Mike Belue, was also a farmer for several years in Cowpens. Sallie and Brent are trying to carry on the agriculture tradition that is deep rooted in their family history.

The goal is to make Thicketty Mountain Farms a profitable business and main source of food for their family. Currently, the farm consists of 4 Black Angus beef cows, 4 Hereford cows, 4 LaMancha dairy goats, 7 Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, about 40 laying hens, about 150 pastured broilers, a Great Pyrenees guardian dog, and 2.5 acres of organic vegetables. Thank you for visiting our site. Please, keep checking the site for updates!

Thicketty Mountain Farms, LLC

2040 Battleground Road

Cowpens, SC 29330





4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Sally, mark Hajost here, Philip’s dad. There was an article in this AM’s Greenville News about an Organic Gardening Workshop in the month of July. I cut out the article for you and can scan it/email to you with an email address.

    Mark Hajost


    • Hey Mark,
      Hope you are well and thank you for thinking of us. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was out of town for about a week. I would love to know about the workshop. You can email me at salliehambright@gmail.com. Also, I may be interested in a greenhouse. We won’t need one until late next winter. Do you have a website? I would like to see what you have.

      Thanks for emailing. Maybe we can work together this next year.


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